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School Awards

(Nursery, Primary and High School)

Prizes are given to students class-wise every year for their merit, and for regular attendance.

Co-curricular Activities

Literary activities such as debate, drama, quiz, essay writing, music, fine arts etc., and sports are conducted every year and prizes are awarded.

In Middle and High School sections pupils are divided into houses and intramural competitions are conducted. Leaders are chosen to help in maintaining discipline in the school and at home.

All pupils should compulsorily participate in competitions

  • Creative writing
  • Science
  • Dramatics
  • Models and charts
  • Indian Music
  • Drawing and Painting


Every pupil must become a member of the school library. Every pupil is expected to read at least 10 to 5 books during the term. They must make a note in the diary, the names of the book they read.

Computer Classes (I to X Std)

To create computer awareness among children and familiarize them with the basics of computers, we have introduced computer courses for classes 1st to 10th. To begin with Basic language is taught. Additional fee is charged for this course.